G1 Stephenson,

Prestwick Business Park


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE20 9SJ


CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Fast Track China (UK) Ltd is a unique export service designed to help new and experienced exporters successfully access and win new business in China. The service provides a practical and cost effective solution for SMEs in the UK to test the China market.

What we do:

  1. Assessing the market potential for your products/service.

  2. Offering specialist IPR protection advice.

  3. Designing a company specific China Strategy and Action Plan.

  4. Translating product literature.

  5. The ‘Made in UK’ Showroom space and a Sales Team in Zhengzhou, China.

  6. Providing an e-commerce service by our Chinese partner to sell products in key strategic areas of China with weekly feedback on enquiries, leads and orders.

  7. Identifying and signing up potential distributors/sales agents across the country

  8. Secured ‘SAFE’ payment method for goods sold, guaranteed in hard currency.

  9. Guaranteeing space at the annual Fast Track Exports to China ‘Made in UK’ Exhibition and ‘Meet the Chinese Buyers’ events.

  10. Guaranteeing a place at the annual “Made in UK Exhibition” and ‘Meet Chinese Buyers’ event in Zhengzhou.

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