1. Designed and implemented a major sales force change management program, resulting in a turn around loss making business.

  2. Created a subsidiary company with a turnover of €1.6m and 56% gross margin profit within year 1, rising to €2.5m in year 2.

  3. Increased the % gross margin of an international sales division from 34.3% to 42.1% within 3 years.

  4. Sourced, secured and developed new account business to the value of £6m.

  5. Increased divisional business sales to a value of £4.1m within 3 years, an increase of 233%.

  6. Implemented multi websites with trade and consumer e-marketing programs, increasing sales by 12%.

  7. Generated over 26% growth from new and existing business opportunities within the drinks sector.

  8. Created and developed field sales teams with a culture of product “sell out”.

  9. Created and implemented Black & Decker’s strategy to fast track key sales employees. Within 2 years, 33 employees were promoted.

  10. Conceived a customer focused management and sales driven training & development strategy, including business psychometrics, 360-degree appraisals, coaching programs and ROI.

  11. Pioneered a sales training and development strategy across Europe, Middle East & Africa, in line with the business needs of 12% growth.

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